About DDR Freak

DDR Freak was started on March 12, 2000 for the benefit of Northern California DDRers to get together and promote DDR around the SF Bay Area. It began when a small group of DDRers gathered at Milpitas Golfland every friday night to play DDR. As the group became larger, we decided that a website was a good idea, and it was first hosted on a UC Berkeley instructional server. Weeks passed, and DDR Freak started to get more than a few hundred hits a week, then a few thousand... Eventually, ddrfreak.n3.net became ddrfreak.com, and it continued to grow.

DDR Freak has since expanded its reach to DDRers nationwide and continues to serve as a community for DDRers.

DDR Freak was never a solo venture. It took the help of many people to get where things are now, and I would like to thank the following people for their support along the way:

Geeha Leem - coming up with the name DDR Freak
Mel Baltazar - helping to design the look of the current site, and providing space for video storage
Cynan de Leon, Eric Kjellman - giving advice for the content of the national site
Brandon Tomyoy - designing the DDR Freak t-shirts and logo
Derrick Pang - helping input the song list information for the FAQs section
Raymond Kwong - encoding most of the videos on DDR Freak
I would also like to thank the writers of the various parts of the FAQs and Tips sections, as their help was invaluable.

Contact Us

For most purposes, the Forums are the most effective way to get your questions answered, after you've looked through the DDR Versions and Tips & Guides. If you need more specific information, contact any of us below.

If you have a machine location submission or modification, do NOT email anyone below. Modify the information yourself with this tool.

Direct questions regarding these specific topics to these addresses:

  • Forums - for questions regarding the Forums
  • Webmaster - for questions regarding this site.
  • Moderators - for questions regarding the board.
  • Tournaments - for updates to the tournament listings.

Jason Ko
Email: jasonko@ddrfreak.com

Cynan de Leon
Executive VP, Marketing
Email: cynan@ddrfreak.com

Ross Tirona
DDR Freak Ambassador
Email: ross@ddrfreak.com

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